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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

Instructor's Focus

Our focus as Instructors is to educate you in the classroom and in the field, preparing you for your oral and written exams. Our class has been noted to be very intense and highly effective. We pride ourselves in not just teaching you book knowledge, but the information gained from our instructors’ experiences builds confidence and experiences that help you become a Registered Maine Guide.


Each student possesses the knowledge within. We simply help them bring it forth to lead others.


Registered Maine Guide School Instructors


Our instructors are there to share with you their knowledge of the woods and waters, how to become one of Maine’s most knowledgeable Guides.


"Our school has some of the best instructors that the State of Maine has to offer. They are all well trained and educated in their field and have many years of experience to back up their knowledge!"


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John Rogers, Maine's Outdoor Learning Center Tami Rogers, Maine's Outdoor Learning Center Gregory J. Sarnacki, Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

Capt. John A. Rogers

Tami L. Rogers

Gregory J. Sarnacki

Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

93 Thurlow Road, Lincolnville, Maine 04849

(207) 290-1496

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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

VA Educational Benefits, Chapter 31 (VA Facility Code Number: 28021419)

Registered Maine Guide Training Only