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The process of obtaining a License as a Registered Maine Guide is the most difficult in the country, which is why Maine Guides are held in such high regard.



Our School has been successfully teaching residents and non-residents since 1997 to become Registered Maine Guides. Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center was first school in Maine to offer week long training. Before 1997 people would attend classes for 15 weeks and then wait months to test. John and Tami, owners of Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center, designed the course around the needs of folks who are ready to begin living their passion and enjoy the outdoors as much as they do.


John and Tami pride themselves in having the most knowledgeable Instructors as well as students that are eager to learn. The success rate for MOLC students is in the low 90's for first time testers and 99% for second time testers - but they feel they cannot take all the credit, instead they believe it has to do with the students passion for Maine's woods and waters which is second to none and this in itself has made the schools success easy.


Historically, on March 19, 1897, The Maine legislature passed a bill requiring hunting guides to register with the State of Maine. In that first year Maine registered 1316 guides, with the very first Registered Maine Guide, a woman, Cornilia Thurza Crosby, or "Fly Rod", as she was popularly known. Fly Rod Crosby grew up in Phillips, Maine. In addition to being Maine’s first licensed guide, she promoted Maine's outdoor sports at shows in metropolitan areas, and wrote popular columns that appeared in many newspapers around the country. Her efforts helped to attract thousands of would-be outdoorsmen and women to the woods and waters of Maine.


Registered Maine Guides are licensed in specialized classifications including; Hunting, Inland Fishing, Recreational, Specialized Tide water fishing, White water rafting, and Sea-Kayaking. Becoming a licensed Registered Maine Guide in a specialized classification means that a person has met the qualifications to guide specific activities with that license.

Becoming a Maine Guide, Maine's Outdoor Learning Center



To become a Registered Maine Guide you must complete an oral and written examination in each license classification.


All new applicants must be currently First – aid certified in any standard first-aid that meets the criteria established by rule of the commissioner. Our First-aid course has been approved and is offered the first evening of our 4 day, or hands – on classes.


Once enrolled in the class, we will mail you the application for becoming a Maine Guide with Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Each new guide applicant must pay a $100.00 fee in each classification to be examined to become a guide. In the event the applicant fails the test, one re-examination is allowed before the fee must be paid again.


NOTE: The $100.00 fee is non-refundable and will not be credited toward the license fee. Application and $100.00 fee must be sent in prior to the test date MOLC has set up for you. If you currently have a first-aid card send in photo copy of it with your application and fee. If you are taking the first-aid class with MOLC, You may bring your first-aid card with you on

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