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For almost two decades Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center has been preparing men and women to become Registered Maine Guides. Our week-long hands-on program and 4 day courses cover everything a guide must know to pass the state exams: canoeing and river reading, fishing, hunting, outdoor cooking, map and compass skills, search-and-rescue techniques, flora and fauna identification, as well as all the specifics of hunting, fishing, and recreational guiding.


MOLC has one of the finest guide course programs that the State of Maine has to offer. With the most outstanding Instructors on staff, we offer outdoor top notch education to help men and women alike achieve some of their most desired dreams.


Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center is more than becoming a Registered Maine Guide or being able to get yourself out of the wilderness with survival techniques. It is about becoming a leader of self. Getting to know who you are as a person, as a guide, a leader, and in the process of learning, experiencing, and gathering new data you’re able to bring self to the fore front of where you want to be.


John and Tami are the original creators in Maine’s week- long “Hands on” Guide course. See our Woods-wise page for more information about the history of becoming a Maine Guide.

John and Tami Rogers, Maine's Outdoor Learning Center, Maine Guide School

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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center.

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